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                              Please Note as of 23/3/20 the Clinic is closed due to covid-19.


Please email bromsgrove chiropractic clinic if you need any advice at this time. See above contact us or email directly to We will contact you as soon as posible. Please state the name of the Chiropractor you usually see so that you enquiry can be directed to the correct person.                                                              

                                         covid-19: Risk of Transmission


Bromsgrove Chiropractic clinic operates with very strict hygiene and sanitation protocols in place to protect our patients and staff.

Despite these precautions there is an inherent risk of human to human trasmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

All patients on arrival will be asked to have a thermal temperature scan test by our recepion staff and will be asked to apply hand gel available at the clinic reception. We regret your Chiropractor / Therapist will be unable to see you toady if the above test is refused. No charge will be made for your visit to the clinic.


We have requested that anyone with the following symptoms stays away from the clinic at this time.


1: If you have a high temeperature or a temperature above 37.8C


2: If you have a new continuous cough - this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24  

   hours ( if you usually have a cough it may be worse than normal)

If you live with someone who has symptoms you'll need to stay at home for 14 dys from the day  the first person in the home started having symptoms. If this is the case we will be unable to treat you.





Whilst Bromsgove Chiropractic Clinic has taken every further precaution to limit your risk of exposure to Coronavirus we cannot guarantee that there is no risk to you as a result of attending the clinic and/or reciving treatment.


If you are in the at risk group ie if you are pregnent, over 70, have a long term health condition or have a weekened immune system you are strongly advised not to recive care at this time.


Our Chiropractors / Therapists may refuse to treat you if they consider this to be in your best interest.