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Periodic retest chiropractic care

Phase one is the initial intensive care. Most new patients begin their treatment at this phase. Visits can be frequent depending on the severity of your condition. The primary focus is to reduce or eliminate your most obvious symptoms.


Phase two moves to the rehabilitative process. During this phase, the chiropractor focuses on stabilising and strengthening the spine to promote the healing process. This helps to avoid a relapse.


Phase three concentrates on preventing a recurrence of your condition. Once the chiropractor is happy that the spine is functioning to the best of its ability, regular chiropractic check-ups are often recommended. This phase is vital to maintain improvements in function and movement.


Periodic retest examinations during the course of your treatment help determine your progress.


How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.


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Three phases of chiropractic care